Alarm autocollant suisse proti stárnutí.

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Olvasás előtt kattintson az ábrát tartalmazó oldalra és végezetül ismerje meg a készülék mindegyik funkcióját. Před čtením si otevřete stranu s obrázky a potom se seznamte se všemi funkcemi přístroje. Pred čítaním si odklopte stranu s obrázkami a potom sa oboznámte so všetkými funkciami prístroja. Klappen Sie vor dem Lesen die Seite mit alarm autocollant suisse proti stárnutí Abbildungen aus und machen Sie sich anschließend mit allen Funktionen des Gerätes vertraut.

With it, you have chosen a high quality product. The operating instructions constitute part of this product. They contain important information on safety, use and disposal. Before using the product, familiarise yourself with all of the operating and safety instructions.

Use the product only as described and for the applications specified. Keep this manual alarm autocollant suisse proti stárnutí and in the event that the product is passed on, hand over all documents to the third party.

Intended purpose This implement is used: - As alarm autocollant suisse proti stárnutí lawn aerator and to rake leaves, moss and weeds out of the lawn and to collect these leaves and plant residues. Any other use that is not specifically approved in these Instructions can result in damage to the implement and could be a serious danger to krém proti vráskám pod očima recenze user.

The implement must only be operated by adults. Children and people who are not familiar with these Instructions must not be allowed to use this implement. Never operate this implement while it is raining and in a wet environment. The owner or operator is responsible for accidents or harm to people and their property. The manufacturer cannot be held liable for damage caused by incorrect operation of the implement or if it is not used in conformity with its intended purpose.

Overview A. The implement features a high-quality plastic case with collection bag and a handle bar with a folding function. Please refer to the subsequent descriptions for the actual functions of the individual control elements.

alarm autocollant suisse proti stárnutí

Technical data Electric. A2 Motor input W Rated voltage II Degree of protection Technical and visual changes can be completed in the course of further development without notification. Consequently, all dimensions, references and details in these Operating Instructions are without guarantee. Consequently legal claims based on these Operating Instructions cannot be asserted. Safety precautions This section covers the basic safety instructions when working with this implement.

The cutting cylinder continues to rotate briefly after the motor has been switched off! Always disconnect the plug from the mains prior to maintenance work or if the power cable is damaged!.

Caution with steps!

alarm autocollant suisse proti stárnutí

Turn off the power when the implement is to be carried across steps! Noise level ratings L WA in db a. These Instructions must be read! Danger of injury due to flung-out material! Keep bystanders well away from the implement.

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Danger of electric shock if the power cable is damaged! Always ensure that the power cable is kept well away from the implement and its cutting tools! Wear eye alarm autocollant suisse proti stárnutí ear protection. When operating without the collection basket, the impact protection cover must be completely closed.

Symbols used in the manual Warning symbols with in formation on damage and injury prevention. Instruction symbols the instruction is explained at the place of the exclamation mark with information on preventing damage. Help symbols with information on improving tool handling. Please read these Operating Instructions carefully and familiarize yourself with all the control elements before operating this implement.

Keep these Operating Instructions in a readily accessible place so that this information is always at your disposal. The implement can cause serious injuries. How to a avoid accidents and injuries: Preparations: Never allow children and people who are not familiar with these Operating Instructions to use the implement.

Local regulations may stipulate a minimum age for operators.


This appliance is not intended for use by persons including children with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.

Never start up the implement while other people, but especially alarm autocollant suisse proti stárnutí and domestic pets, are in the vicinity. Check the area on which the implement is to be used. Remove all stones, sticks, wire and other foreign bodies that could be caught up and flung out. Never use the implement to level out uneven patches. Always wear appropriate protective work alarm autocollant suisse proti stárnutí and firm shoes with nonslip soles, strong long trousers, ear defenders and goggles.

Never alarm autocollant suisse proti stárnutí the implement while bare footed or when alarm autocollant suisse proti stárnutí open sandals. Never operate the implement if it is damaged, incomplete or has been modified without the consent of the manufacturer.

Never work with damaged or missing protective devices e. Never disengage protective devices e. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. Before starting the equipment, ensure that no objects or branches are pushed into the blade opening, that the equipment is standing stably and that the workspace is tidy and not příjemci proti stárnutí.

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Check the condition of your extension cable and the connecting cable of your equipment. Use the necessary protective equipment. If your equipment vibrates or emits unusual noises when switched on, disconnect the plug from the socket and check the cutting cylinder.

Ensure that no remains of chopped matter are blocking the cutting cylinder or jammed between the blades. If you find no problems, return the equipment to a customer service centre. If the blades no longer cut correctly or if the motor is overloaded, check all the parts of your equipment and replace the worn parts. If a more extensive repair is required, contact a customer service centre.

Avoid cutting your fingers or toes. While working always keep your feet and fingers well away from the cutting cylinder and the ejector opening. There is the danger of serious injury! Do not operate the implement while it is raining, in poor weather conditions 7 8 GB and when the surrounding area and lawn are wet. Operate the implement only during daylight hours or with bright lighting.

alarm autocollant suisse proti stárnutí

Do not operate the implement if you are tired or are lacking in concentration and after having drunk alcohol or taken medicine. Always take a work break in due time. Approach the work with common sense. Familiarize yourself with the terrain and remain focused on the potential hazards that you could miss on account of the motor noise.

Always maintain a secure footing while working, especially on a sloping terrain. Always work across slopes - alarm autocollant suisse proti stárnutí up and down! Be particularly careful when changing the travelling direction. Do not work on very steep slopes. Always guide the implement at a walking pace with both hands on the handle. Be especially careful when you turn the implement around or draw it towards you. Danger of stumbling! Start or actuate the starting lever with care and in conformity with the directions in these Instructions.

Do not tilt the implement when starting, other than it has to be lifted. In this case tilt the implement only to the extent that is absolutely necessary and always lift the implement on the side that is opposite proti stárnutí centrálně the operator.

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Never operate the implement without the attached collection bag or impact protector. Danger of injury! Always keep well away from the ejector opening.

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Do not operate the implement in the vicinity of inflammable liquids or gases as this could give rise to the danger of a fire or explosion. Work intervals: After the implement has been turned off, the cutting cylinder will continue to rotate alarm autocollant suisse proti stárnutí a few seconds. Keep hands and feet well away. Only remove plant parts when the implement is standing completely still. Ensure that the grass ejector opening is clean and free.

Switch off the power when the implement is to be transported, lifted or tilted and when traversing other surfaces than grass. Never leave the implement unattended at the place of work.

Always switch off the implement and disconnect the power plug:- - Whenever you leave the implement - Before you clean the ejector opening or unblock or unclog the implement - When the implement is not being used - During all maintenance and cleaning work - When the power cable is damaged or has become tangled - When the implement hits an obstruction during work or when unusual vibrations arise. Establish the cause and see if the implement has been damaged.

Do not repair it yourself! Have the implement repaired by an authorised workshop! Store the implement in a dry place well out of reach of children. The following states how to avoid damage to the implement and any resulting harm to people: Take care of your implement Switch off the power when the implement is to be carried across steps.

Inspect the implement each time before it is to be used. Never operate the im- 8 9 GB plement if safety devices e. Check especially the power cable and starting lever for damage. To avoid imbalance, all tools and bolts must be exchanged as complete sets. Only use spare parts and accessories that have been supplied or recommended by the manufacturer.

The use of alien parts results in the immediate loss of all guarantee claims. Ensure that all nuts, bolts and screws are firmly tightened and that the implement is in a safe working state. Záplata mezi obočím try to repair the implement yourself, other than you have been trained accordingly.

All work that has not been listed in these Instructions must only be carried out by authorised servicing agencies. Treat the implement with the greatest care. Always keep the tool clean for better and safer work. Follow the maintenance instructions. Never overload the implement. Always work within the alarm autocollant suisse proti stárnutí capacity range. Do not use low-power machines for heavy-duty work.

Read the publication D íky práci na novém čísle našeho ča- sopisu jsme si uvědomili, že tu jsme pro naše čtenáře. Co odlišuje muže a ženy, kteří čtou náš časopis, od ostatních? Životní vášeň? Touha být vždy in? Láska k módě nebo adrenalinu a závodění?

Do not operate the implement for purposes for which it is not intended. The following states how to avoid accidents and injuries due to electric shock: Before each use, carry out a visual inspection of the power and extension cables for signs of damage or ageing. If the power cable for this equipment is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, a customer service agent of the same or a similarly qualified person in order to prevent hazards.

Keep the power cable well away from the cutting tools. Should the power cable become damaged during work, then instantly disconnect the power cable from the mains. DO NOT touch the power cable before it has been disconnected from the mains. Keep the extension cables away from the teeth. The vráskový krém pro suchou obličej may damage the cables and result in contact with live parts.

Check that the mains voltage is the same as indicated on the rating plate. Wherever possible connect the implement to a power socket with a residualcurrent circuit breaker that has a rated current of not more than 30 ma. Avoid body contact with earthed parts e.

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The stranded cord diameter of the extension cable must be at least 2. Always unreel a cable drum to its full length so that the entire cable can be checked for damage. Use the envisaged cable suspension when attaching an extension cable.

Never pull the cable to disconnect the plug from the socket. Protect the cable from heat, oil and sharp edges. If the connecting cable is damaged, first disconnect the extension cable from the socket. You can then disconnect the connecting cable of the equipment. Assembling the handle bar B 1. Insert the lower bar 8 into the implement case 10 and screw it on with the two Philips screws Secure the two centre alarm autocollant suisse proti stárnutí 15 to the lower bar 8 with the screws and wing nuts 5b.

The two centre bars can be secured in two positions to adjust the handle bar to your height. Hang the cable strain relief 19a on the upper handle bar 4.

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