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stds můžete zbavit

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Doporučit e-mailem Meeting an intriguing person to go out on a date with used to be the hardest part of finding romance. However, in the modern world, the dating game has changed due to the rapid proliferation of online dating sites.

stds můžete zbavit

Many people make statements about their sexual health without ever getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases STDsalso known as sexually transmitted infections STIs.

Partnered with the most eminent STD testing California labs, as well as renowned labs in other parts of the country, MateSafe answers some of the most important health questions about your next date for you and we do so in a discreet way that allows you to avoid having awkward discussions on your first date.

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MateSafe provides peace of mind by empowering you to take full control of your sexual health and verify your potential partner s STD status for free. You may also register your own MateSafe account to find an affiliated lab in your area so that you can get yourself tested and provide that same peace of mind to your own potential mates.

stds můžete zbavit

For example, if you live in California, you will find the best STD testing California labs in your vicinity, where you can get tested immediately. The lab of your choice will then send you the results and with stds můžete zbavit HIPAA required authorization, they will send the results to MateSafe as well.

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If your test shows any positive results, we will contact you privately. If your test is negative, we will post stds můžete zbavit results of your test on your private profile page. At that time, you may choose to share access to that private profile page with your prospective dates via email, instant messages, phone or a number of integrated dating platforms.

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